Indian National Congress and Its Muslim vote bank Politics

Who is responsible for the flash flood hit Hindus of Uttrakhand? Shouldn’t it be investigated? How illegal construction near the river bank and construction of road through the mountains led to the landslides. But instead of taking care of that, Government is more concerned about the muslim vote bank as all the investigation agencies are busy in probing the fake encounter case of terrorist Ishrat Jahan. The probe of this case is more important than probing the serial blasts at Bodhgaya. Instead of arresting the terrorists, Government agencies are blaming Pakistan for the blasts so that the muslim vote bank is happy. These so called minority always opposes the Amarnath yatra or Vaishnov Devi yatra which are holy shrines of Hindus, they will come on roads and harm the public property. If ban is imposed on Islam in any of the countries viz. Myanmar, France, etc., they will come on the roads and protest here in India and harm the public property. Some Muslim leader of Hyderabad says that if Police is off duty for 5 minutes, they will slaughter the 80 million Hindus, but gets bail on health grounds. One day this vote bank politics will ruin India and its democracy.


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